They’re Giving Out Free Blogs, Guys.

This is sort of my first official blog post. I say it’s official, because now it’s on a blog, as opposed to facebook, or a review site. I write tons of reviews, and even my facebook posts can come off sort of reviewy in nature, because (as you will soon find out) I am constantly on a rant.
It never ends.
And it never ends, because life never ends. Even when you die, life will go on. When I die, same thing. Life goes on. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da. Just like the Beatles said. Two of them are dead now, and life appears to be doing just what they said it would.
I’m excited to embark on this adventure, and by adventure, I mean copying and pasting everything into this sucker, to beef it up and make it look like I’ve been doing this all along. The truth is, my writing has been happening (like, in the cool way, for all you cats) but it hasn’t been read much. I hope to change all of that, and I hope I get rich off being cognizant and opinionated.