Teach Them… Well?

Sometimes, teachers don’t want to give extra effort to a student, even if they need it. I get that there is an overkill of doting on every kid, insisting there is no chance for failure because everyone is special, and I get that not everyone agrees with it. But some kids learn at a different pace, through a different method, than others. They may need something worded another way, or explained in a way that relates to them. Maybe a kid might need things read aloud instead of reading from the paper, because their comprehension isn’t great. Maybe a kid was told she would never integrate into her class, and would be in special education forever, with no hope of Independence. Maybe she’s kicking ass in the fact that she is holding down regular classes in a high school course load, and can’t reach your expectations because she’s too busy shattering her own and she’s tired. Maybe she had to come from way farther to get where everyone else began, and this actually is victory. If you don’t feel inclined to examine the student and find out how to properly teach them, and fight back against being expected to give an ounce of extra effort, why are you a teacher?